About Offshore Company Register

Offshore Company Register is an international corporation that was created in 2001 by the team of lawyers working and specializing in international tax regulations and telecommunications. Presently we provide effective solutions in the areas described below:

  • Tax planning on the international level
  • Bank accounts opening and assistance
  • Company incorporation and services worldwide
  • License services
  • Financial planning assistance
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Telecommunication licensing
  • Consulting in the field of telecommunications

Offshore Company Register has established cooperation with the biggest international banks, consulting agencies, jurisdictions and other organizations involved in the world of law and finances. With solid experience and effective development of operations we have optimized the essential interaction process between clients and company. Our end goal is to expand into financial services as well as secure current position in the active spheres of influence.

Offices and contact details:

United Kingdom
8-12 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6AL, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 207 822 8592+44 207 822 8594
Website: https://www.offshorecompanyregister.com