Opening Bank Account with Paxum Bank (Dominica)

PAXUM BANK LIMITED is an international bank based in Dominica, member of PAXUM GROUP, offering financial solutions for individuals and companies.

PAXUM BANK is licensed and authorized by the The Financial Service Unit (FSU) of Dominica since 2016.

Paxum Bank offers traditional banking services to individuals and companies worldwide. Due to the flexibility and ease of online and mobile banking with Paxum Bank clients are able to access digital platform from anywhere in the world without a hassle.

Bank is working in compliance with internationally accepted best practices in global banking.

Overview of the basic services:
  • Online Banking 24/7 & Mobile banking
  • Opening bank accounts in USD, GBP and EURO
  • Opening personal accounts (saving & current accounts)
  • Opening business accounts (saving & current accounts)
  • Debit cards
Required documentation for a bank account opening with Paxum Bank:
  • Copies of corporate documents with an apostille, full set of documents showing link to controlling person, Power of Attorney (if any) with an apostille. Bank Reference Letter of the principal shareholders/beneficial owners issued within 3 months;
  • Certified copy of a passport and second identification document for all controlling persons and signatories;
  • Copy of a recent utility (not older than 3 months) bill for controlling persons and signatories;
  • Company business plan (with the account owner’s signature) / business forecast / website (if any);
  • Filled questionnaire for pre-compliance;
  • Bank Statements for the past 3 months or a
  • recommendation letter from Accountant or an Attorney
  • CV
  • detailed description of owned assets and income for beneficiary
Remote account opening:
  • Available
Deposit/account opening terms:
Required time to open an account:
  • Estimated account opening 5 weeks
Fees & rates:
Our assistance services:

Companies under our administration

  • 1.000 USD

Other companies

  • + 20%