Ready made company with bank account

Major advantages of doing business in Hong Kong:

• World’s largest financial centre
• Developed and stable economy
• Quick company incorporation without a visit to Hong Kong
• No exchange control
• No tax on Hong Kong companies that operate outside the country of incorporation (not applicable to companies with a physical office in Hong Kong)
• Not ‘blacklisted’ by most countries, including Russia (since 2017)
• Double tax treaties (with Russia too)
• Hong Kong company is a convenient tool both for international trading in Asia and for creating holding structures

Bank of Asia (BVI), where the company holds its account

• regulated and licensed in the BVI
• subsidiary of a large Hong Kong bank
• incoming and outgoing transactions in USD, EUR, GBP and HKD
• SWIFT payments available
• mobile and convenient online banking in the English language
• affordable rates
• no minimum account balance
• no personal meeting with a banker for changing the signatory to the account (fully digital banking)

To purchase the company, you need to provide documents for directors / shareholders / beneficial owners / attorneys:
• passport / ID
• proof of address
It will also be necessary to provide information on the proposed business activity of the company.

Cost of purchasing a ready-made company with an account includes:

• preparation and provision of originals and apostilled copies of constitutive documents and share issue documents ✔︎
• compliance fee ✔︎
• company seal ✔︎
• provision of registered office, agent and secretary services ✔︎
• keeping the register of significant controllers ✔︎
• annual government fee for the first year of the company’s existence ✔︎
• nominee director and shareholder for the first year of the company’s administration ✔︎
• bank account opened in the name of the company ✔︎
• change of the bank signatory to the beneficial owner ✔︎
Total cost 8 850 USD

Documents of the ready-made company provided to the client include:

1) Certificate of Incorporation – simple copy.
The Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong issues the certificate of incorporation in electronic form (a protected pdf-file with electronic signature of the Registrar’s authorized officer);
2) Business Registration Certificate – simple copy
The Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department issues the certificate in electronic form (a protected pdf-file with electronic signature of the authorized tax officer);
3) Articles of Association – simple copy with the allocated company’s registration number.
It is filed with the Registrar without subscribers’ signatures, such being the existing practice and there being no statutory requirement. If necessary, the subscribers can sign the Articles of Association in original for the company file;
4) First Resolutions of the Founder Member(s) – original;
5) First Resolutions of Director(s) – original;
6) Share Certificate – original;
7) Company seal;
8) Apostilled set of copies certified by the Honk Kong registered agent:
• Certificate of Incorporation;
• Business Registration Certificate;
• Incorporation Form (NNC1);
• Articles of Association;
• First Resolutions of the Founder Member(s);
• First Resolutions of Director(s);
• Register of Directors;
• Register of Shareholders;
• Register of Secretaries

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